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services - office design

commercial, or professional office 


this office interior design package is designed, for a commercial office, with many moving parts. are you in need of a functional office environment for your employees, or staff? 

natasha Noelle designs offer start to finish, concept to reality office project management, and functional space planning and design services.

what's included:

meet & agree: photo's dimensions, pre-layout draft. before photo's taken, discuss scope of project & determine budget.

Idea & concept: formal floor plan rendering of suggested new layout, concept photo's to assist with visual perception. space planning to accommodate functional office environment. 

if contractor's are needed to complete your office design, natasha Noelle designs will act as your project manager and suggest trusted contractor's to finish your office design and layout. 

design & create: purchasing, and discovering all pieces of office furniture, window treatments, wall art, lighting, accessories, functional items, as well as complimentary room items needed to complete your new office style.

install & complete project: once all items have been purchased, and delivered, natasha Noelle designs will come back to assist in the over-all layout and arranging of all goods and office furnishings that were selected for a complete and total make-over of your new office space.

*completion photo's will be taken as well.

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