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residential remodel & design

This interior design process is set up for those who want to love their home again, or maybe it's got great bones but is calling out for a make-over update.

or maybe,  you're new to the boise area. we can help you find your new style for your new home. 

with natasha Noelle designs, you will receive peace of mind. our interior design process is listed below, and we are here to guide you from start to finish, concept to reality, and we pair you with trusted contractor's that take the guess work out of the remodel. natasha Noelle designs takes the stress of a home remodel away, as we act as your project manager, and guide you through-out this entire process.

we carefully plan, and detail all interior changes to be made. we discuss budget and can suggest finance options if necessary.

what is a great remodel, with out a great new furniture design style to fit??!! 

natasha Noelle designs includes this pairing with the overall comprehensive design pricing strategy.

 our pricing is simple and affordable. we use the total square footage of your project, and budget to determine the dollar amount per foot.  (we discuss this on our consult. )

          natasha Noelle designs :  interior design and home remodel process

meet & agree: photo's dimensions, pre-layout draft. before photo's taken, discuss scope of project & determine budget. 

Idea & concept: formal floor plan rendering of suggested new layout, concept photo's to assist with visual perception.  pairing of trusted contractor's to assist in completing your home project. 

design & create:  purchasing, and discovering all pieces that will be included in the new remodel of your home. this can include: cabinets, countertops, tile, flooring, paint color(s), windows, doors, trim and detail, functional lighting, 

 furniture,  window treatments, wall art,  accent lighting, accessories, functional items, as well as complimentary room items needed to complete your new style. 

build & install:  Natasha Noelle, is your supervising project Manager. Aligning your project with the Proper contractors to complete project in a timely manor. this is where all the moving parts of your project come together. once your home project has been complete, natasha Noelle designs will complete your home project with the furnishings, and final details, that were pre-selected in our design phase, for a total new style for your newly remodeled home space.

most popular Spaces we create:

-home - total home make-over

-home - kitchens

-home - bathrooms

-home - master bedroom suites

-home - living room/family room/t.v room

-home office

-home - paint/ flooring/trim & details

Boise interior design and remodel

Please call us today to start your home project

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